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    Oporto – Fresh Grilled Chicken and Burgers

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    Interview Tips

    Keen to get started?

    'Cinco' tips for your interview

    You want a job at Oporto? Well we want you here too 'companheiro'! That's why we've prepared some useful tips to help you nail your interview.

    Get familiar with the 'familia'

    Before we get to know you, why not take a bit of time to get to know us. Have a look through our website and get a feel for life at Oporto. If you’ve got any questions, no problem! We can answer them for you at the interview.


    Dress to grill

    Looking good! Turn up to the interview looking sharp, and you’ll make one hell of a first impression.


    Practice makes 'perfeito'

    Don’t let nerves get in the way on interview day. Have a practice run with a friend or family member and have them ask you some common interview questions. That way, you’ll be a cool, calm ‘pessoa’ on the day.


    Keep an eye on the clock

    Turn up 10 minutes early to your interview and you'll have some time to calm your nerves, do some last minute prep and most importantly, avoid having to explain why you're late.


    Be your spicy self

    Don't be nervous 'companheiro', you're with 'familia' now. Just relax, take your time and answer honestly. If everything goes well, we could be saying 'Ola' to our newest team member.

    'Boa sorte!

    (Good luck!)

    Ready to make life spicy?

    I'm ready

    Allergy notice: Update on peanuts and tree nuts. Find out more