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    Oporto – Fresh Grilled Chicken and Burgers

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    Fight Hunger with Flavour

    1 sauce jar = 1 meal donated


    As a Bondi born brand, we are committed to making a positive difference for our Aussie familia when things are rough.

    That’s why from 6th April, we’re committing to help the most vulnerable people in our society get food essentials during this COVID-19 crisis.

    For every take home jar of our iconic Prego and ORIGINAL Chilli sauce we sell, we will donate a meal to an Aussie in need through our charity partner Foodbank.

    10,000 MEALS DONATED


    We’ve reached our goal and have donated 10,000 meals to Aussies in need.

    Thanks to everyone who bought a jar of Oporto OG Chilli or Prego Sauce.

    How we’re tracking:




    Foodbank is here for the long haul to help vulnerable Aussies access food and groceries, no matter what the crisis. COVID-19, and the resulting mass unemployment being experienced across the country is placing huge strain on the Foodbank network. In a normal month, Foodbank provides relief to 815,000 Aussies, but these are no longer normal times and Foodbank is scaling up to meet the needs of an unprecedented amount of Aussies doing it tough. We’re in this together and no one will be left behind.



    Delicious with almost anything, use our sauces to add flavour to sandwiches, dip chips and boost burgers!

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