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    Flame Rewards FAQs

    • What is Flame Rewards?

      Flame Rewards is Oporto’s loyalty program, recognising regular customers and giving them access to instant rewards and special offers. Members earn Loyalty Reward Dollars on every qualifying transaction to spend at participating Oporto restaurants – these savings are just the beginning!

    • Is Flame Rewards available at your restaurant?

      Oporto Flame Rewards is unavailable in South Australia, at Cairns Airport, Gregory Hills, Entertainment Quarter, Football Stadiums or Oporto stores outside of Australia.

    • How do I become a Flame Rewards member?

      Sign up online or by downloading the Oporto Flame Rewards app from the App Store or Google Play. Once you have signed up you will be sent a verification SMS – simply tap on the link in the SMS to verify your account. Once you’ve signed up and verified, you can start earning Flame Reward dollars!

    • I don’t have a mobile phone or email address. Can I still become a verified Flame Rewards Member?

      To join the Flame Rewards program, you must provide your email address and mobile number as part of the sign up and verification process. To protect your identity and prevent fraud, you will only be able to verify with your mobile number. Each Flame Rewards account must have a unique email address and phone number assigned to it. If you try to sign up and already have an account, you will be notified that these details already exist in the system and you may need to merge your accounts.

    • Can I use Flame Rewards in conjunction with other offers and discounts?

      Flame Rewards is an exclusive system, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. Be sure to always refer to promotional terms and conditions.

    • Can I earn/use Flame Rewards dollars in conjunction with other loyalty offers and vouchers?

      Flame Rewards dollars cannot be earned and/or used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.

      • Purchases of promotional / discounted items or items purchased using vouchers will not accrue Flame Rewards dollars.
      • Flame reward dollars can not be redeemed when using a vouchers.
    • What are Flame Rewards dollars?

      The Flame Rewards program currency is referred to as Flame Reward dollars and can be spent at any participating Oporto restaurant to save off future purchases. Flame Rewards dollars have the same value as regular dollars. 1 Reward Dollar = $1.

    • How can I redeem my Flame Rewards dollars?

      To start redeeming Flame Rewards dollars, members must:

      1. Successfully register and verify their account
      2. Accumulate a minimum of $0.05 in Flame Rewards dollars

      Once these two prerequisites are met, simply present your app or provide your mobile number to staff at the counter and let them know you’d like to use your Flame Rewards dollars against your purchase.

    • What are the member status’?

      When joining the Flame Rewards program all members commence on the Orange Tier. The further up you move the more rewards you get!

      Orange Status

      • A level of comfort and reward – earn Flame Reward Dollars on every qualifying transaction!
      • Earn $1 for every $20 spent
      • 10% Off Birthday Gift*

      Silver Status

      • An enjoyable and rewarding experience – a level above for greater earning power!
      • Earn $1 for every $17 spent
      • 15% Off Birthday Gift*

      Gold Status

      • Start to experience that special feeling – you’ll get a taste for it and want more!
      • Earn $1 for every $15 spent
      • Free Meal Birthday Gift*

      Platinum Status

      • The pinnacle of all things Oporto – enjoy the best deals that come along with reaching sky high!
      • Earn $1 for every $12 spent
      • $20 Flame Reward Dollars Birthday Gift*
      • Bonus $20 Reward Dollars for leveling up to the world of Platinum
      • Special Invitations & Events
    • How do I get to a different Status level?

      Platinum Status
      Achieve 25+ visits or spend $440.00 or more in one transaction over a 365 day period.

      Gold Status
      Achieve 13-24 visits or spend $221.00 – $399.99 in one transaction over 365 day period.

      Silver Status
      Achieve 7-12 visits or spend $111.00 – $220.00 in one transaction over a 365 day period.

      Orange Status
      Sign up to Flame Rewards and you’ll automatically be entered into the entry Orange Status level.

    • How do  Flame Rewards vouchers work?

      Your Flame Rewards vouchers are in the ‘Offers’ section of the app home screen. All you need to do is present your card or app to the cashier to use your voucher. You can also provide your mobile number for the cashier to identify you and your active vouchers! Aside from the $5 welcome voucher and your Birthday voucher, we also frequently send out special vouchers to a selection of customers. As these offers are personalised, sometimes you may receive a special voucher while a friend does not, and vice versa. When you do receive a special voucher, you will be notified by email, so keep an eye out!

    • How does the $5 welcome voucher work?

      As a welcoming gift, as soon as your new account is fully verified a $5 welcome voucher will be automatically added to your account, and will expire after 30 days. You will be emailed once the voucher is available and ready to be redeemed. The voucher can be used on any purchase of $10 or more at participating Oporto stores, and must be used in one transaction only and cannot be exchanged for cash. This is the same welcome voucher across all membership statuses.

    • How do the birthday vouchers work?

      There are different Birthday vouchers for each Member Status – Orange, Silver, Gold and Platinum. If you have registered and verified your account before the day of your birthday, you will receive an email notifying you the voucher is available. It is valid for 30 days from issue. To learn more about each Member Status level and the birthday vouchers with each, see ‘What are the member status’?’.

      To redeem the voucher you must present your card or app to the cashier and let them know you would like to use your Birthday voucher. As an anti-fraud measure some stores will ask to see ID before accepting the voucher.

      Note: Date of Birth can only be entered once. If an update to this detail needs to be changed, please contact support.

    • Where can I see my vouchers?

      You can see your vouchers once you have logged into the Flame Rewards app or Website, and navigate to the ‘Offers’ section on the home screen.

    • How do promotions work?

      The latest Oporto deals will be available in the ‘What’s New’ section of the app found on the home screen.

    • I can’t see my vouchers

      If you can’t see your vouchers on the app or website, it could be that they have been used or are expired. You can check your active and expired vouchers when in the ‘View All’ section of the app. If your voucher is missing and hasn’t expired, or you are having any other trouble with your vouchers, please contact us via the feedback link below and we will gladly assist:

    • Can I add a card to my Flame Rewards account?

      Yes, you can add a card in the linked cards section of your profile details. You can then scan the QR code/barcode shown on the card that you would like to add.

    • Can I merge Flame Rewards accounts?

      Yes, when you add a card in the profile details section and it is found to be linked to another account, you will be asked if you want to merge your accounts. The Flame Reward Dollars balance will be merged over as well, however be sure to use any bonus vouchers/offers prior as they will not be transferred. Any further dollars accumulated with this card will be attributed to your account.

    • My merged card was not confirmed?

      This will be confirmed on the webpage after you merge your account(s).

    • I am getting an error saying my phone number or email address has already been registered.

      This error occurs if the mobile number or email address you are entering has already been registered with another account. Each mobile number and email address can only be registered to a single account. Simply use your existing account, or provide a new mobile number and/or email address.

    • I didn’t receive my verification SMS?

      The verification sms may take a few minutes to arrive, however you can resend the SMS by tapping the ‘Resend SMS’ link. If you still haven’t received the verification SMS, it may be that you have entered the incorrect phone number. Please review what has been entered, and contact support if further assistance is required.

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